Butabika National Referral Mental Hospital

Mental Health is an Integral and Essential Component of Health


0800 211 306 (Toll Free line 24/7)

+256 414-504-376 (Director's Office 8AM-5PM)

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+256 414 671 019 (Private Patients Services-PPS 24/7)

Although recent statistics show high rates of addiction to alcohol and injectable drugs in the country, many addicts are not willing to go to Butabika national referral mental hospital or Serenity Centre for help.

Soldiers who open fire at public places to randomly kill people are those suffering from depression, post-war trauma and stress, the UPDF chief of medical services has said. Speaking at the 4th graduation ceremony for 52 company medics at Gadaffi Barracks in Jinja, Brig Ambrose Musinguzi, a medical officer, said "mental health is a challenge especially when officers get post-war traumatic stress disorder".