Butabika hospital concerned as 80% of patients abandoned

Butabika National Referral Hospital is currently struggling with a high rate of abandoned patients and calls for a National mental Health Survey.

According to the deputy executive director of the facility, over 80% of the patients at the facility have been abandoned by their families contributing to the low recovery process.

According to Dr. Brian Mutamba, the unfortunate situation is hindering the recovery process of these individuals and making it challenging for them to reintegrate into the community.

This lack of care and attention has a significant impact on the mental well-being and progress of the patients.

The hospital authorities have also pointed out that the widely reported figure of 14 million Ugandans suffering from mental illnesses was taken out of context.

To gain a comprehensive understanding of the prevalence and types of mental health disorders in the country, they are urging the need for a national survey.

Mental health disorders continue to be a significant concern globally, and Uganda is no exception.

It is essential for the government, healthcare professionals, and society as a whole to recognise the importance of mental health and work towards creating a supportive environment for individuals affected by these conditions.

The situation at Butabika National Referral Hospital highlights the urgent need for a multi-faceted approach to address mental health challenges in the country.